New for October – the face massage!

Ever been told you look stressed? Our face is often the first place that shows signs of stress and tension and that can manifest itself in a number of ways such as a tight jaw, a furrowed brow or headaches, which in turn can then lead to chronic aches and pains; especially around the eyes, jaw, neck and shoulders.

The face massage is not to be confused with a traditional facial; it’s a mixture of acupressure (similar to traditional acupuncture), and muscle manipulation which helps to release tension in the facial muscles leaving you feeling relaxed and energised.

Organic Weleda products are used to cleanse, massage and hydrate the face, and a mini neck and shoulder massage is also included in your treatment. This is a great treatment for those who experience headaches, stress, anxiety or muscle tightness around the head, neck, and shoulders. This isn’t just for the ladies either, so get booking guys!

The face massage is available from the 19th of October, you can book online here.