July 19th easing of Covid-19 restrictions

Covid restrictions will be easing on July the 19th but for close contact services the advice from government and my sports massage governing body is to continue with the measures we currently have in place.

This means that for sports massages clients the following will still apply from the 19th of July.

  • Covid -19 screening forms.
  • PPE.
  • Temperature checks.
  • The wearing of face masks by myself and clients.
  • Bank transfer as the first payment option unless you do not have online banking.
  • Restricted number of daily clients.
  • Thorough cleaning and airing of the room between clients.

These restrictions are there to keep you and me safe so I appreciate your cooperation. Thank you for your understanding.

Fit for Longer

June availability

Just a reminder that I am off from the 16th to have my second Covid vaccination and will be back on Wednesday the 23rd and have very limited availability, so get in quick if you want to see me!

Massage clients: For those who prefer a weekend appointment; I now only have 3 Saturday slots left this month. I also have some rarely available evening appointments on Tuesday the 15th and Wednesday the 23rd at 6pm if It’s difficult to get to me during the day.

Functional fitness and rehabilitation: I am now totally booked for June and the first few weeks of July and now taking bookings for 12th of July. I am also extending my current offer for the ‘post lockdown starter plan’ until July 31st.

Contact me direct to book or online here

Fit For Longer

Holiday and repeat bookings

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, why is she having time off when she’s only been back a few weeks? I’d already scheduled two weeks at the end of May/ start of June before lockdown and made some plans, but I’ve now shortened this to a week thanks to being so busy! So, just FYI I am on holiday between 29th of May – 4th of June and also off the 16th – 23rd of June as I’m having my 2nd Covid vaccination. I’m starting to get busier and have very limited availability over the next few weeks so get in quick if you want to see me before I’m off!

I’d also just like to inform my massage clients that if they have sessions on a regular basis I can set up automatic repeat bookings on my fancy online booking system so you are always guaranteed to get your regular spot. Just drop me a message if you want me to set them up for you.


Can you claim for the cost of your sports massage? Read on!


Healthcare cash plans are insurance policies that instead of covering for treatment of acute medical conditions, help pay for the cost of routine healthcare such as going to the dentist, opticians, physio or in some cases, sports massage.

The following private Healthcare Cash plans recognise members of the Sports Massage Association as providers of treatment, and consequently you may be entitled to claim back all, or part of the cost of your sports massage treatment. Below are some of the providers who may let you claim for some or all of the cost of a sports massage treatment:

Health Shield: Clients can claim between 50 and 100% of the cost of treatment (depending on plan details) as long as they have selected Health and Wellbeing as one of their benefits.

Westfield Health: Only the Mosaic plan covers Sports Massage and then, only if it is a chosen benefit.

Medicash: Clients can claim between 50 and 100% of the cost of treatment (depending on plan details) as long as they have selected Complementary Therapy as one of their benefits.

Simply Health: Clients can claim between 50 and 100% of the cost of treatment (depending on plan details; Optimise Plus is covered).

Please check with your healthcare cash plans prior to treatment to ensure reimbursement of treatment cost.

Fit for Longer

Return to sports massage post lockdown 3: updated guidelines.

There are a few updates and changes to the previous guidelines for sports massage therapists returning to work from the 12th of April. I have outlined the updates below:

If you have been vaccinated, please wait at least 7 days after your vaccination before booking a sports massage.

If you are experiencing any post vaccination side effects as outlined here, please cancel your booking and rebook when all symptoms have gone.

There are some additional high risk categories added to the previous list:
– Older males (70+).
– From a Black, Asian or majority ethnic (BAME) background.
– If you are in a high risk category you will be risk assessed and may be required to get clearance from your GP before a massage can take place.

If you have had Covid-19 and are experiencing any Long Covid-19 effects as listed here, please cancel your massage and get clearance from your GP before booking.

Vaccination does not provide complete immunity for either clients or myself, so I must continue to work in a Covid secure environment and wear full PPE until government guidance says otherwise. This also means that clients are currently still required to wear a mask for treatment and follow the procedures that were previously in place. Please read all the Covid-19 procedures here before attending your booking.

Consultation and Covid screening forms have been amended as per above. Your consultation form is updated every 6 months, and despite only being open 6 weeks since I started in October, most peoples forms are now about due to be updated so you should get an automatic request on or around your next booking. Please update any details that have changed.

Lastly, for clarity and to hopefully offer some reassurance to my clients, I would like to disclose that I have received my first vaccination, so sadly no pretending that I’m a spring chicken any more.

To book:

Call or text: 07932 653652
Book direct online here.

See you soon!


Sports massage to resume on 12th of April

It’s been confirmed today that I will be able to reopen on Monday the 12th of April, only a week away!

Currently, all the previous covid-19 procedures are still in place – please take the time to reread them here Some of the procedures and forms may be tweaked slightly in the coming days as it takes a couple of days for my governing body to clarify and update guidelines from the government after an announcement – any updated procedures will be put on to my website and booking forms.

To book either:


Call or text: 07932 652653

Book directly online:

See you all soon!


Payment update

Just over 2 weeks until I can hopefully return on the 12th of April! Next week is when gyms and close contact services should find out if they can definitely return on this date so fingers crossed!

Just a quick update before you book: my business bank details have changed so please amend any direct debits or payment details you may have saved to pay for bookings. New details are:

AC name: Michelle Ward

AC number: 26611696

Sort code: 608371

To book:

Call: 07932 652653


Book direct: