Are you aged 50+? Do you have issues with movement? Are you not as flexible as you’d like to be? Did your last massage leave you feeling battered and bruised? Try the ‘no pummel’ sports massage which will help to fix you without the battering of a traditional sports massage!

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    A true credit to her profession

    Michelle was amazing. So professional, always listened to me. Had a bad shoulder and really feel that Michelle has helped me. She follows up after each appointment, a true credit to her profession. Highly recommended.

    Julian Dominique
    Founder of Far Fitness

    “friendly, approachable and professional”

    Working with Michelle is a real pleasure, she's a real people person. Friendly, approachable and professional in her work. Her personality and expertise have ensured the highest of standards with many of our corporate clients, including London City Airport and Newham Council. If you are looking for a therapist with whom you can feel at ease and trust in their ability, you should book Michelle.

    Niall Garvie
    Senior Claims Handler

    thorough and holistic approach

    I meet Michelle through Twitter when I commented that I was having issues with a frozen shoulder. When I met Michelle she did a very detailed assessment and asked lots of questions about my pain and movement  - I really liked her thorough and holistic approach. She listened to me throughout the treatment and had a good balance between administering the treatment and making sure she wasn't hurting me. My shoulder felt a lot better after the first session - I was seeing her once a month  before lock-down and my shoulder felt almost back to normal. With the exercises she gave me to do at home throughout lock-down my shoulder is much more mobile and with a lot less pain. If you are looking for a professional and top quality sports massage therapist I would absolutely recommend her.

    James Wall
    Clinical Physiologist

    knowledgeable and friendly

    Michelle is knowledgeable, friendly and always listens to me. I will be back!

    Account Director

    patient and understanding

    I have always found Michelle to be patient and understanding whenever I see her for a sports massage. She always goes the extra mile to ensure my concerns are put to rest and motivates me to continue with my training. I always feel brighter physically and mentally after a session with her.

    Will Kirk
    Marathon Runner

    helped my marathon running

    I've been having regular sports massage with Michelle for a couple of months. In that time she has helped me by identifying problems and helping me overcome them, including IT band releases, tendon problems, and general stiffness from running. Michelle also gave me advice on the best stretches to minimise the impact of marathon running on my body. Michelle is so professional and is always ready to research a pain or muscle group to get to the route of the issue. I'd recommend (and have!) Michelle to anyone for sports therapy and will be seeing her again soon.

    Sports massage

    The no pummel sports massage

    Have you been for a sports massage and come out with tears in your eyes or felt (or even had), bruises afterwards? I certainly have, and although this has historically been considered a *proper* old school sports massage it really isn’t necessary to get beating up during a treatment to get positive results! I trained as a sports massage therapist and have had sports massages myself but hated feeling like I’d gone 10 rounds in a boxing ring after having a ‘traditional’ sports massage. After working for a few years as a sports massage therapist and often being asked to go in ‘harder’ by clients who either wanted or expected pain or discomfort I started to research more around pain science and how our body reacts to and interprets pain. After coming to the conclusion that going in ‘hard’ was unnecessary and often counterintuitive I adapted my style and I now give a much more gentle type of sports massage with the same results as the ‘no pain no gain’ sports massage, with my focus on improving your movement, stability and flexibility with minimal discomfort. If you are aged 50+, have pain or niggles, struggle to move or just need to feel relaxed and refreshed rather than uncomfortable and bruised after your massage then I can help.

    Relaxing and soothing face massage

    Many of us lead hectic lives, leaving us feeling stressed and anxious, which can then reflect as tension in the face. The surrounding muscles in the neck and shoulders can also start to feel tight and uncomfortable, causing discomfort and pain, which may then lead to headaches and chronic muscular dysfunction. The relaxing and soothing face massage can help soothe tension in these areas, leaving you feeling both energised and relaxed and ready to face the world! This 45 minute session is not to be confused with a traditional beauty facial massage which is done for skincare and exfoliation – the relaxing and soothing face massage is more of a ‘deep tissue’ massage which uses acupressure on specific areas of the face which has been used for thousands of years and is thought to help with issues such as congestion, stress, headaches, fevers and chills, muscle manipulation (deep tissue), and cold stone therapy. Luxury Organic Weleda products are used throughout your session to cleanse, massage and hydrate your face.

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