Mobile sports massage therapist and personal trainer in East London and Docklands. Available 8am – 8pm 7 days per week

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Personal training

Personal Training that’s bespoke to you and your needs can push you further and help you get results that you never thought possible. Your sessions will be challenging both physically and mentally but with my guidance you can achieve your fitness goals. My aim as a personal trainer is to motivate, encourage and to pass on my knowledge and experience to give you the confidence to realise your full potential. After your free consultation and assessment you will be given a personalised programme that is realistic and achievable so that you’re able to easily fit exercise into your daily life. Sessions can be either gym based or outside and are available 8am – 8pm 7 days a week.  

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Training Goals

I believe in a holistic approach to training which incorporates not only the physical body but also the mind. Your psychological beliefs and conditioning can either help or heed your training so it is important that both physical and mental aspects are considered in a fitness programme.  Regardless of your goal being weight-loss, strength training, increasing muscle mass, improving cardiovascular fitness or training for an event, both your physical and psychology needs will be looked at when tailoring your fitness goals. This includes looking at current exercise levels, behaviour modification, nutritional needs and potential barriers to exercise. 

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Sports Massage

Whether you are a serious athlete, regular keep fitter or occasional gym goer, a niggling injury or pain can often impede performance or completely stop training. Regular sports massage can improve range of motion, help relieve postural stress, ease muscle tension and aid a faster recovery. Sports massage need not only be for those who exercise – it can also benefit those who have a stressful life spent hunched over a keyboard or chasing round after children all day – both equally exhausting and stressful on the body, whatever your lifestyle I can help to relieve those everyday aches and pains.  I’m mobile so visit you in the comfort of your own home 8am – 8pm 7 days a week.

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